Dear customers,
Welcome to Dora Studios Parga We would like to inform you that our accommodation is fully harmonized with the special health content protocols, according to which the tourist businesses operate in the framework of taking measures against the coronavirus COVID-19, as defined by sub. No. 1881 / 29.5.2020 Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministers of Finance – Health – Tourism (Government Gazette 2084 B ‘/ 29-5-2020).
All the staff of the accommodation has received the necessary training for the observance of the health protocols.
The accommodation has received a “Health First” certification mark from the Ministry of Tourism where it proves that the company complies with the protocols of health content.
In our effort to respond to the new data brought about by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we ask for your understanding and observance of the measures to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
We inform you that the company does not bear civil liability, against any person, directly or indirectly related to the coronavirus COVID-19, as long as it observes the special protocols of health content and has the certification mark “Health First” (par. 5, article 60, n . 4688 / 24-5-2020).
On behalf of the management of Dora Studios Parga we wish you a pleasant and safe stay!

Declaration of conformity