Valtos Beach


 The beach of Valtos is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece. It is the diamond of Parga for the locals and for many guests. It is located behind the Venetian Castle of Parga and extends to the foot of the Blacherna Monastery.

 In Valto there are restaurants, cafes and hotels and almost all water sports.

Most of the valley is sand and is ideal for all as well as for children. The waters are deep and clear and it is good for children not to leave alone if they do not know swimming. During the months of May and October they are ideal for those who prefer quietness while in June and September there are enough people. In July, we have more people while we reach the climax in August. The sandy beach of Valtos is one of the unique beaches with natural beauty, as from one side the castle and the rocks and on the other the port and the monastery. Also, the greenery and the olive grove almost reach the edge of the sandy beach. Whatever time you visit Valtos, you will feel a special joy and a peaceful calm, forgetting and leaving behind the daily problems of life.up

How can one go?

You can visit it by car, with boats departing from Parga’s pier as well as walking or even renting a motorbike and bike.up

Necessary supplies:

You do not have to carry anything with you because everything is on the beach of Valtos.

Worth seeing:

The monastery of Agia Vlachrena, located above the sandy beach, about 15 minutes on foot.

The small chapel of Agios Spyridon, at the end of the sandy beach.

The small harbor at the end of Valtos with fishing boats

It is worth doing:

All water sports such as (Swimming, Paragliding, water skiing, sailing with small boats, diving, surfing and much more).

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