Sarakiniko Beach


Sarakiniko, one of the most beautiful beaches of Parga, is located 19 km from Parga. It is offered for quiet and relaxing holidays ,. Waters of blue and crystal clear sand on most of the beach and a magnificent olive grove make up a unique landscape and offer an attractive coast suitable for families and couples. Bath, game rides with water bikes and canoeing, but also fishing and diving to dump the bottom are just some of what one can do on one of the notorious beaches of Parga. The amazing flavors, the refreshing cocktails, the unique hospitality in the four shops in the area next to the sea, and the unique sunset are precious experiences, however, can not be compared to the evening swimming in Sarakiniko. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Parga

The name Sarakiniko, according to the local tradition, was taken by the Saracen pirates who once after a sudden summer breeze that barked the boat asked for shelter here. Those pretending to be quiet merchants, called for the help of the local people. The unsuspecting residents were glad to help the unfortunate seamen, and they even invited them to a marriage that took place two days later. The pirates accepted, and so while their boat was already ready, they went up to the feast at night and while they were mourning watching the beautiful bride, they began to say to each other in their own language, sure they would not hear them:

 “Dance a bride, danced and laugh because tomorrow night you will be crying in the hold”

 had in their minds to steal the bride and rob the unfortunate inhabitants despite the hospitality and help they offered. For their bad luck, the bride knew their tongue and alerted the men. The next, then, evening, while women and older men danced pretending that nothing was running at the moment when the pirates appeared with the knives in their hands, confident of the success of their plan, the groom and the young men they rushed and chased them into the bay, which has since been named Sarakiniko.

How can one go?

With a boat from the port of Parga, the route is unique and gives to those who prefer it the opportunity to discover many of the beautiful beaches north of Parga, passing through Valtos, Monastery Splantza and Agios Sostis, but depriving you of the wonderful sunset as you depart at 16.00

By car the motorbike, starting from Parga and after passing Anthousa arrives at Agia. you pass the first junction with the two signs of Agia 2 and Agia 1 and at the three hundred meters you reach the second junction, there is a sign that writes Agia 1, continues straight to Perdika and at fifty meters there is a junction, there turn left then at each junction turn left, always have to be careful on an asphalt road.

 The road is relatively good in Anthousa and then, in the turn to Agia, it is good to be careful and restrained if it is the first time you move on this road and especially if it is driven for the first time in Greece.

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