Piso Kryoneri Beach


The sandy beach of Piso Kryoneri, is near the central sandy beach of Parga, Kryoneri. It is a small and quiet sandy beach, almost throughout the summer season. Most of it consists of pebbles and a little sand.

It is located right behind the hill of Agios Athanasios (at the top there is the homonymous chapel) and it is a very picturesque sandy beach. The rocks and the green that coexist give Piso Kryoneri a wild and imposing beauty.

How can one go:

For guests staying in Parga in a few minutes walk. For those who stay in the surrounding area by car or motorbike or even by bicycle.

Also for those who live in the area of ​​Valtos by boat or even by sea bike.

Necessary supplies:

It is a well-organized beach and everything you can find in the sandy beach or in nearby restaurants, cafes and mini markets.

Worth seeing:

 The islet of Panagia, located just a few minutes away, if you rent a sea bike, as well as the very small and remote sandy beaches of the area hidden behind the wild rocks. You can also take a dip in front of the imposing rocks, Skordas and Kremmidas.

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