Lyxnos Beach


The sandy beach of Lychnos is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Parga. It is located in a beautiful and natural environment and just 4 kilometers away from Parga. Although the lizard’s sandy beach is hidden in a lush landscape, visitors can find it easily as they enter for Parga on their left. This sandy beach is sandy and pebbly and has clear and deep water, accessible by car, motorbike, bicycle and boat. You can also visit those who like walking through small, old streets that pass through the olive groves. The Lymnos sandy beach is surrounded by the greenery of the mountain and the olive groves of Parga and in combination with the clear blue waters and the crystal clear waters make it the most favorite beach of tourists.

It is also recommended to all those who would like to try water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, diving, fishing, jet skiing, wind surfing. Of course, the beach is ideal for those who prefer swimming, sunbathing and generally for carefree vacations. Restaurants, Taverns, and cafes operate during the day until late at night. There is no nightlife and for those who prefer it, they should go to the center of Parga.

How can one go?

 There are many ways to visit this beautiful sandy beach of Lychno.

a. by boat from Parga’s pier.

b. by car, as you come to Parga from Preveza Igoumenitsa, after passing the village of Agia Kyriaki and before entering Parga turn left (there are signs for the sand of Lychnos). When you leave Parga the sandy beach is about 4 kilometers to your right.

Necessary supplies:

 The sandy beach is fully equipped and you do not need to take anything with you.

Worth seeing:

The cave of Aphrodite (It is said in mythology that the goddess Aphrodite took the bath), you can visit it after renting a water bike because it is 5 minutes away from the sandy beach.

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