Kryoneri Beach


The sandy beach of Kryoneri is the central sandy beach of Parga and is located in Parga and just a few meters away from the center and the pier of Parga and is a small, clean sandy beach with pebbles. The sandy beach is located below the main street of Parga, where there are the shops of Parga as well as the restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, souvenir shops and other shops. Once the visitor enters Parga and looks at all the above, he is given the impression that he is on an island. What one can see from the sandy beach of Kryoneri is the beautiful and picturesque island of Panagia, just a few meters from the sandy beach, which one can visit even swimming.

The biggest advantage for the sandy beach of Kryoneri is that it is only a few meters away from the center of Parga and one can easily visit it to swim.

How can one go:

The fastest and easiest way is to walk. Alternatively, you can also ride by boat from Valtos beach as well as by car or motorbike and even by bicycle.

Necessary supplies:

It is a fully organized sandy beach and as the center of Parga is just 50 meters away, there are everything.

Worth seeing:

The beautiful island of Panagia.

 One can easily go to the islet of Panagia with a swim in just a few minutes, as well as rent a sea bike, can see the surrounding chapels (Agios Athanasios) and the small beautiful and deserted beaches and can still go to the great and a beautiful beach of Valtos located on the other side of Parga and below the Venetian castle.

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