Ai-Giannakis Beach

Ai-Giannakis beach is the first beach of Parga that you will meet when you leave the national Igoumenitsa – Preveza and turn to Parga. The point where you will leave the road again to start descending to the beach is 6 km. from the main crossroads of the national one, and you will need another 2 km down. From Parga is 9 km in total. As soon as you arrive, you will see that there is a canteen just above the beach, but also two terraces, which are used as a parking lot, with enough capacity for the beach.

Here things are quiet. The world that comes here chooses the beach for its tranquility and clean waters. It’s not great. Equals that exceed 100 m in length.

Set up umbrellas do not exist here, nor are they set up so easily! For several hours of the day, however, there is the natural shadow from the mountain that rises sharply on her back.

The bay is scattered with pebbles, but there are stones in the water that make it difficult to access the sea. Beach shoes are a good option here if you do not want to dance your zejimkia against the entrance to the water.

Under the tall wall that holds the ground where the canteen is installed there is a shower and a cabin – a changing room a little further.

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